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League of Legends
  • Developer: Riot Games
  • Genre: MOBA
  • Version: 11.17
User Rating: Rating 4.87

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Release Date
Oct 27, 2009
Riot Games
Riot Games
Windows PC, MacOS


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Miller Dickson

League of Legends or LoL is an online game that is produced by Riot Games and developed by phoenix studio. LoL is a free to play game that is supported by micro-transactions. The game is a multiplayer online battle arena. It is based on the Warcraft III map called 'Defense of the Ancients'. It’s the free League of Legends version that attracts players.


In LoL, you play a summoner who controls a champion with unique abilities and fight against other players and AI controlled champions. League of legends free download sounds like something hard to imagine, but it’s true.

You start off by choosing a champion and then going out into the Fields of Justice to battle against other players. The goal is to destroy the other team’s Nexus. There are multiple maps that contain neutral monsters that you and your team can kill to get gold, which can be used to buy gear. 

Players can choose from a variety of roles, such as the "tank" role, which is primarily meant to absorb damage for the team, or the "support" role, which provides help to the team in various ways. If you choose the right character and think of your League of Legends play strategy, you’ll win easily.

If you are already interested in League of Legends download free version and try it!

Types of Champions

There are three types of champions: tank, damage, and mage.

  • Mage champions are ranged champions who have high AP and can kill enemies quickly from a distance. 
  • Tank Champions are melee champions who have the most HP and can draw the most attention from the enemy. 


League of Legends is a 2D game. While it is not the most modern game, it is still very detailed in its graphics. There are a lot of bright colors and it is easy to distinguish the items on the map.

You can download League of Legends for Windows and appreciate the graphics with your own eyes. League of Legends Mac version can be found on the official site, too.


League of Legends game can be played over and over again. There are different difficulty levels of the game which means that players will never get bored of it. There are also different champions (it is never the same game) and the multiplayer option adds to the game’s replayability.

League of Legends Game FAQ

Q: How do I play League of Legends? 

A: You play by selecting a champion and joining a team. During the game, you control a single champion. You will work with your team to destroy the other team's Nexus, a structure that lies at the heart of a base protected by defensive structures. 

Q: What do I do in a game? 

A: After your League of Legends download is over, you may join the game. As soon as you join a game, you're ready to compete! Your champion will level up automatically over time, but you'll need to spend some gold to buy items that will make you more powerful. 

When you reach the enemy team's base, you'll have to work with your team to destroy defensive structures, such as turrets, before you can attack their Nexus. 

Q: What makes a good League of Legends player? 

A: A good player will understand how to control their champion effectively in battle, but a great player will understand how to control the enemy's champion! This is called "counter-playing" and is a vital skill in LoL. 

The League of Legends install process is simple and quick, so I recommend you not to waste time. Download League of Legends and become a master of this game.

Q: How to download League of Legends?

A: To download and install League of Legends follow these steps:

  1. Download the game from the official website (You can get League of Legends for free).
  2. Run the installer or the .exe and install it where you want.
  3. Run the launcher and login into your account.
  4. Click the "Parrent Account Login" and log in with your Parent Account.
  5. Run the game and Have fun!


The game is a lot of fun to play, and it’s also very competitive. The graphics are pretty good (but not outstanding), and the gameplay is also very smooth. There are a lot of different champions that each have different abilities that you can use to help your team. 

League of Legends unblocked is a very fun game, and it has a lot of replayability because it’s always a different game each time. If you are a fan of MOBS games, League of Legends game download is absolutely a must!


  • Smooth gameplay;
  • Vast selection of champions to choose;
  • The game is free;
  • Intuitive controls;
  • A huge number of battles.


  • The game needs a good internet connection to play;
  • Not the best graphics on the market today.
Types of Champions


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